Different Prepaid Cellular Plans

When a person is looking for a cellular plan even a prepaid plan there are many options. There are some things that a person should look at when they are looking to change their carrier plans.


There are different prices when it comes to these plans. A person can get unlimited minutes and text for around $50 a month. Some people will be charged by the minute. They may have to pay ten cents a minute and they may only get 50 minutes for a month. The number of minutes that a person should buy will depend on how often they are going to use their phones. If this will be the primary phone a person should go for the unlimited plan. If the phone is going for emergencies they can get by with these minutes. Some plans offer 50, 100, 150, or 200 minutes. Once these minutes are up a person will need to purchase more to keep their phone active.

Unlimited Plans

Most companies including major carriers are offering unlimited services that will last for 30 days. A person will need to pay for this beforehand and they will have 30 days of service. At this time they can either purchase another plan or they can choose to end it. Most of these plans come with unlimited texting as well.


Most people access the internet with their phones. Some companies will allow a person to get unlimited data as part of their prepaid plan. Others may limit data and once it has been used the data will no longer be available.

These are some of the prepaid plans that a person should know about. There are different options based on budget, usage, and needs. These plans will allow a person to have the freedom of their smartphone without worrying about a contract.