Reputation Management in 2016

It may interest you to know that there are some current reputation management trends for this year of 2016. It is important to be aware of these current trends along with any future trends. Reputations are vital if success is to be achieved. The following are included for this day and age:


    • Reputation management is a continuous journey; reputation management should not be viewed as a one-time “quick fix.” A long-term strategy will need constant attention. Discipline will be needed. This can be viewed as a journey that will be something that every organization will need to make some identifications. It will be important to identify what it is that the entire organization hopes to become. This is also a journey of discovery. The discovery involves how it is that you show up and are viewed. This involves your daily decision making. There are fluctuations that may pose challenges along with opportunities. This includes economic, any digital trends, the fluctuations within the business. This is a discovery of resiliency. How resilient is the business? This journey is one that will let you know just how organized you are. The organization and management regarding how you evaluate the trends. Discover how reputation management can work for your organization.
    • Authenticity will build trust; a company needs to be trusted. The public trust is vital for a business’s success. The profits are not enough to keep a business thriving. Making money does not necessarily meant that trust has been earned. Trust will come from the public when they can see how a business approaches their work. This involves a solid commitment to transparency. Transparency and authenticity equal an increase in trust.
    • Business strategy and social impact must be aligned; the consumer is constantly watching and evaluating a company and their overall behavior. This means that every business must place a large emphasis on aligning of their social impact efforts with their business strategy. This is vital in this year of 2016. This will involve corporate citizenship, environment actions, and the governance practices. The consumer will continue to evaluate behaviors.


    • Employees have an important role in reputation management; the reputation of any company is a magnet. Attracting top talent will occur with a fine reputation. Employees will be attracted to an organization if they share the same beliefs and values. Employees also desire transparency from employers. A company will need to earn trust from their employees. These employees who have this trust will be glad to reflect this in their role in reputation management. Every company will need to preserve this trust and their employees will reflect this in a positive way to the public.

These are a sample of the reputation management trends that will play out for the rest of 2016. Keep on striving for a fine reputation with added effort.